Client Testimonials

“Joe Trojan is by far the kindest, smartest, and most ethical attorney we have ever met. My wife and I contacted multiple highly-rated attorneys on Google, but Joe easily stood out as the best among them. However, what truly set him apart was how much he really cared about our situation, something that never changed even after we retained him.

Joe is a man of sincere integrity, ready to fight for his clients, whether they are small clients like us or large corporate ones. It might sound odd, but he was like a superhero to us at times with his incredible support and help. We’ve never met anyone as understanding and patient as Joe; he is unbelievably caring and kind.

While this may sound like a paid testimonial, as genuine clients, we wholeheartedly vouch for Joe to anyone on the fence about hiring him. Our lawsuit was challenging, and Joe was instrumental in navigating us through it. Finding and working with him was truly a blessing. Thank you so much!” (February 2024)

Nelson Y., Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing service and quick response. It’s been great working with the entire team!” (January 2024)

Nick F., Pasadena, CA

“They were very kind and answered all my questions about Trademark and i felt confident enough to hire Trojan Law Offices to do the work! It nice to have a team of people that care and willing to point you to the right direction! Thank you Michiko for doing that! I appreciate it!” (December 2023)

Paul G., Los Angeles, CA

“I had the privilege of working with Joe and his outstanding team on a patent matter for my business, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the exceptional service they provided. Joe’s expertise and professionalism truly stood out throughout the entire process.

From our first meeting, it was evident that Joe possessed an impressive depth of knowledge in patent law. He took the time to explain every aspect of the process to me in a clear and understandable manner, ensuring that I felt fully informed and confident in our strategy. This level of dedication to client education is something I greatly appreciated.

Joe and his team went above and beyond to assist me with my patent matter. They were always responsive, attentive, and kept me updated at every step of the way. Their commitment to my case was unwavering, and I never once felt like I was just another client. This personalized approach truly set them apart.

Not only did Joe provide valuable legal guidance, but he also showed a genuine interest in the success of my business. His insights and recommendations were invaluable, and I felt like he was a true partner in achieving my goals.

Thanks to Joe’s expertise and the hard work of his team, my patent matter was handled smoothly and successfully. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and I owe it all to Joe’s dedication and professionalism.

In conclusion, if you’re in need of a patent attorney who is not only highly knowledgeable but also genuinely cares about your success, I wholeheartedly recommend Joe and his team. Their exceptional service and expertise have made a significant difference for my business, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them. Thank you, Joe, for your outstanding work!”

– BLAQ CARDS (November 2023)

Narek M., Burbank, CA

“Exceptional service from Joe and the team at Trojan Law! Their expertise and professionalism in handling my intellectual property matters were outstanding. We’re still relying on their expertise to this day. Grateful for their ongoing support and highly recommend Trojan Law for anyone in need of top-notch legal assistance.” (November 2023)

Stephanie A., Los Angeles, CA

“Always on top of stuff and helpful!” (November 2023)

Luis C., Los Angeles, CA

“Extremely professional! I wholeheartedly endorse their services. They expertly guide you through the patent filing process and played a crucial role in securing our patent approval.” (July 2023)

Marlon A., Chino, CA

“Trojan Law Office has been outstanding to work with. Most attorneys have charged us ridiculous fees and it has been hard to find an attorney that will call you, discuss your need and then tell you exactly what it will cost to complete the task. They summarized all of our needs with specific next steps and when things are due next. Michiko & Joe have been a pleasure to work with.” (June 2023)

Rob C., Lawndale, CA

“Joseph & Michiko are a pleasure to work with. Joseph guided us thoroughly through our process and took care of everything! They respond to every email almost immediately answering all my questions & concerns. Im so thankful to Joe and his team!” (January 2023)

Valeria N. , Mission Hills

“We utilize Trojan Law for patent services. Top notch legal services. What really makes them different is how quickly they engage and how efficiently they work. Best bang for the buck. “(January 2023)

Gary T., El Segundo, CA

“Joe and his team are great! Very communicative, experienced and easy to work with/get ahold of. I truly appreciate the level of trust I’ve been able to develop for them over the past few years and look forward to many more!” (January 2023)

Brent P., Venice, CA

“We utilize Trojan Law for patent services. Top notch legal services. What really makes them different is how quickly they engage and how efficiently they work. Best bang for the buck.” (January 2023)

Gary T., El Segundo, CA

“In the past 20 years or so, Joe Trojan helps me to obtain 15 patent on new drug development. My patent application successful rate is 100%, while by statistics, patent application successful rate is 11.4%.
Joe certainly do a fantastic job!” (December 2022)

David T., Duarte, CA

“Working with Trojan Law Offices was such a great experience their team made the process easy; they were friendly and fast and surprisingly affordable. I would definitely recommend using their services!” (November 2022)

Kristina V., Oceano, CA

“The Trojan Law Office has effectively helped guide our company through a complicated, multi-party litigation/settlement with a steady hand throughout the process. The entire legal team has been readily available as required for updates and legal advice on issues spanning the legal gambit from intellectual property to contract, insurance, and tort.

We hired Joe and his team because they had been an adversary previously, and we found him to be a strong advocate for his client. Our own experience proved to be nothing short. Joe has fought for us at every turn and we always felt we had the best lawyer in the room!”  (2018)

Eric L.

“I am happy with the services I received at Trojan Law Offices. Joe and Michiko were professional and kept me up to date during the entire process of trademarking my LLC. They responded promptly to any questions and concerns I had. I would recommend Joe to anyone seeking legal/trademark services for their business. Thank you Joe!” (August 2022)

Taylor G., North Hollywood, CA

“I took a prototype of my product to Trojan Law Offices about 9 months ago. These guys know their stuff! They created beautiful drawings, filed for the design patent and the patent arrived about 9 months after filing. I couldn’t be more happier with their services.” (April 2022)

Richard B., Los Angeles, CA

“I am very grateful for the help and advice I’ve received from the Trojan Law Offices. I highly recommend them.” (April 2022)

Susan R., Charlotte, NC

“I had a great experience with Trojan Law. They gave great legal counsel and helped me navigate through the process properly. They also have a great response time. I would definitely recommend.” (March 2022)

Samuel H., Burbank, CA

“I’ve used several intellectual property attorneys over the past few decades. I was very fortunate to have worked with them over the last 10 years. Their expertise and ability to provide professional opinions in a quick and concise manner made my life much easier. I highly recommend working with the Trojan Law offices. And I plan on using them as my sole intellectual property law firm because they seem to be able to do everything!” (March 2022)

Harold K., Los Angeles, CA

“A very reliable firm providing clear, customized and cost-effective advice and strategies. The team is extremely experienced and professional, and also very comfortable to work with. Highly recommended!” (March 2022)

Stephanie Z.

“I want to thank the Trojan Law Offices
for a job well done. Joseph Trojan helped me decide on not to sign a contract that wasn’t written in me best interest. I saved thousands of dollars by not signing that contract. I will use the Trojan Law Offices again in the future. Thank you Joseph Trojan for making my first time experience working with you a memorable one. I’m looking forward to working with you again.” (March 2022)

Kris E., Lancaster, CA

“Great service. We needed to do some trademark fillings and they made it easy and handled it promptly. highly recommend!” (March 2022)

Ian K., Beverly Hills, CA

” It’s hard to put into words how deeply grateful I am to Trojan Law Offices. 10 years ago, I was starting my brand and initially tried to trademark on-line through a service. That was a huge mistake and for anyone who reads this, please do not do it yourself. Long story short, I got myself in a bind with the name I wanted to trademark – being inexperienced I went to several law offices which wanted to charge me a huge fee upfront, also pressuring and putting fear in me with “what could” happen…
Then like a stroke of the best luck you would ever have, I found Trojan law offices and WOW.
Joe Trojan is the most wonderful attorney you could EVER meet. He took each and every call I ever made to the office, helped explain every detail and instead of fear, he assured me that things would be ok and in the end it WAS. This meant the world to me and still does to this day. I’ve sought advice from him on several other occasion and he is always thoughtful and so so fair with the costs. I have since referred him to several people and everyone says the same. Michiko is really the best, so kind and very patient. Like I said at the start of this review I am so grateful towards TLO and Joe. I hope this review will help others make the decision to choose this law office because they won’t regret it.
THANK YOU TLO ~ Joe and Michiko!!! ” (December 2021)

Julie K., Torrance, CA

“The best one-stop-shop for trademarking needs, and they help manage the marks for you. Thank you!” (December 2021)

Korey K., Los Angeles, CA

“Wow, so impressed! I had a question about fair use/copyright and had a free consultation w Mr. Trojan and he was incredibly knowledgable and to the point.

I called back to ask another question and I was put right through to him – so responsive.

I am taking his advice and will go back to him the next time I need to actually hire an IP attorney. Better safe than sorry.” (October 2021)

Elise, L

“Very Good Service and had no issues getting our trademarks registered – recommend!” (October 2021)

Desiree L., Los Angeles, CA

“I had a great experience with Joe and his team. When we got started, Joe and I talked extensively and he listened to my story and asked a lot of great questions and was able to fully understand my problem and the results I wanted. He and his team were then able to make sure that everything went smoothly and took care of me during a very frustrating situation.

I highly recommend him and his team, and while I hope to not need his services again in the future, he will be my first call if I do =)” (September 2021)

Mike L.,San Clemente, CA

“My father and I have been dealing with Joe since 2007 that’s almost 15 years. We started as a client to becoming almost family.

Joe, Michiko and the entire team are ALWAYS their to answer any and all of my questions. When my father had his business dealings in China Joe stood up and fought the Chinese government to make sure that they didn’t export any of my fathers products that were protected by his trademark and patent that Joe had obtained for us.

Joe will always make sure to guide you the right way and give you the best advice possible. I would recommend Joe in a heartbeat to anyone who’s looking for a well versed IP OR TM attorney!

Joe & Michiko thank you both for all that you guys have done and continue to do for my self and my family!!!” (August, 2021)

Edwin G. C., Beverly Hills, CA

“I’m so grateful for Joe Trojan and his team. They are very good with communication and helping me explore my options when it comes to trademarking my brand. I will come back to them again in the future for any intellectual property legal necessities!” (August 2021)

Keysi E., La Vernia, Texas

“Look no further if you’re seeking patent / trademark consultation or legal work. TLO is going to have your best interest at heart. They are great to work with and are client-oriented. If you want peace of mind for your business, go with TLO.

5 stars to Michiko & Joe.” (June 2021)

Mason Z., Northridge, CA

“We have been using Trojan Law Offices the past few years for both for patent and trademark issues. We have always found Trojan Law Offices to be very effective, easy to work with & communicate with and reasonably priced. I would HIGHLY recommend utilizing their services.” (December 2020)

Scott E.

” I have been with the firm for 2-3 years. Im very satisfied with the work and advise I needed for TM
and registry. Love that they remind me of when I need to pay attention to a renewal etc. About value or cost can’t comment because they are only firm Ive hired so can’t compare. Thank you Trojan team.” (2020)

Villas C.

” Trojan Law Offices is a firm you can trust hands down. I recommend Trojan Law to anyone looking to register your Trademark. Joe Trojan has such an awesome personality who is very knowledgeable
about the laws and requirements to keep approval. He took his time explaining the process to me step by step in detail with patience. Joe answered every question and concern I had without hesitation. He made me feel very confident with my decisions for my logo and new business venture. Also, his assistant, Michiko Speier, was amazing making sure I crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s with my submission. Her energy was very comforting as well. I will definitely refer other to this firm. Their price rates are fair and they definitely have your best interest as a priority. Thank you for making this process smooth and stress-free. God Bless!” (June 2020)

Sonya M., Los Angeles, CA

“I will highly recommend Trojan Law Office to anyone who want to file a strong and powerful Patents. Michiko and Joe have been very helpful into guiding me with Patents and Trademarks. Do not hesitate to contact Trojan Law Office for help and file your own Patents and Trademark. I am highly satisfied with their quick and very efficient services.

Thank you again.” (April 2020)

Jean-Pierre P., West Hollywood, CA

“Michiko and the team at Trojan Law have been nothing but professional and extremely efficient with their time and our money, unlike many other law firms we have worked with. Thanks guys!” (April 2020)

Waiakea, Inc, Culver City, CA

“I’ve utilized Joseph Trojan and his law offices since the early 2000s and he and his team provide amazing service. At that time, I was new to the trademark world and Joseph Trojan was very patient and explained each of the steps as we completed my application.

One of the benefits of doing business with Trojan Law Offices is that they never overcharge or have you pay for items that are unnecessary.

One particular year, I ran into an issue where someone else was using a mark that the judge stated was too similar to the one I was looking to have. Joe immediately filed paperwork with the courts to show that the marks weren’t similar and that my mark was unique as it related to culture. In the end, I was awarded the mark because of Joseph’s brilliant argument. As an attorney, Joseph Trojan is not simply a trademark lawyer, he litigates as well an is well-versed in this arena.

Trojan Law Offices is a firm you can trust, one that will provide you with sound advice, their rates are fair, they’ll work in your best interest, and will always provide stellar service. They are one of the most professional law offices in Los Angeles that understand and practice Copyright, Trademarks, and Patents. Because the firm will guide you for the best outcome they are my firm of choice.” (March 2020)

Leslie A., Los Angeles, CA

“It was a luck or chance that I find Mr. Joe Trojan and his team, I do not know. But after 5 years first hand encounter for my Migraine medication and related items I am very thankful for his support. Job well done. I had no headaches or concern of any type. I was and am still in sacred hands of Attorney Joe Trojan and team. Recommend him highly who wanted to be successful. Thank you again for your excellent work.” (March 2020)

Faro T. O., Corona, CA

“It’s always easy and a pleasure to work with a firm that knows what they are doing, it makes the process so much easier for someone like me who has a million other things to do. The communications are quick and to the point. Thank you Michiko and team for being so professional and knowledgeable, my company and I look forward to working with you guys on more projects.” (March 2020)

Ron S.

“Joe Trojan and colleagues including Michiko Speier have helped us with couple of patent applications over the past few years, as well as navigating NIH guidelines for invention reporting. They are able to quote us upfront, and deliver on what they promise. Highly recommend!” (March 2020)

Bob L., Santa Barbara, CA

“I would like to post my recommendation of Trojan Law Offices and especially Mr. R. Joseph Trojan himself and the members of his team, specifically Adam Diament and Michiko Speier, for their excellent, highly professional, fair and honest services.

Our case concerned filing of a pharmaceutical patent application with the USPTO. We have approached Mr. R. Joseph Trojan because our company was unsatisfied with the services of the law office which initially handled our patent application. Mr. Trojan offered an initial free appointment and consultation. He had demonstrated deep knowledge and friendly attitude that convinced us to hire his services, and we were since not disappointed in our choice. He and his team have handled and navigated the patent application against rough objections from the patent examiner all the way through to the successful allowance not only of the original patent application, but also eventually, to an allowance of an additional patent based on a continuation application of the original patent.

Our company continues, of course, to work with Mr. Trojan in all matters concerning intellectual properties. And we recommend him and his firm highly!” (March 2020)

Gad G., Henderson, NV

“We are very impressed with Trojan Law Firm. The team is very organized and patient and understood our needs. When we retained them, they acted quickly and efficiently.”  (March 2020)

DroneWash, Inc, Los Angeles, CA

“I appreciate that Joe worked very efficiently to accomplish the job. He sincerely cares and helps his client. Working with Trojan Law Offices truly gives you a peace of mind! A million thanks!” (2019)

Denart Aesthetic Design

“Michiko and The Staff There Were Very Accommodating On The Process When I Visited Their Office. They Have Great Staff At Trojan Law Office in Beverly Hills.
Great Job Trojan Law Office Beverly Hills Team!!” (2019)

Joliff S.

“I highly recommend Trojan Law Office. Michiko has been very helpful with helping with our trademark. If you are looking for help with trademark you should definitely contact them for help. I am highly satisfied with their service. They are quick and very efficient.” (2019)

Ayako L.

“Trojan Law Offices have assisted our organization with Service Mark registration and numerous intellectual property issues. All of our interactions have been timely and comprehensive. We are greatly appreciative of their assistance.” (2019)

Cynthia P.

“I would mark 100 stars if I could. Joe went above and beyond in every way navigating a patent infringement case for us. He is incredibly calm and extremely astute. I’ve never worked with a lawyer that is as triggered by justice and doing what is right regardless of the benefit to himself as Joe is. The man is no push over, completely impressed with every bit of what he did!” (2018)

Jennifer K.

“Very professional, respected and top notch attorneys who really know the ins and outs of IP and patent law! The staff (Michiko, you are great) and the ENTIRE legal team (thank you Joe) have a can do attitude that definitely gets the job done. They always go above and beyond on every single case I’ve worked with them on. I cannot recommend them enough!” (2018)

Cindy L.

” I first spoke with R. Joseph Trojan a while back. He was the only attorney who seemed wise enough to help us figure out what to do next regarding a patent we had received. He wrote out a Continuation-In-Part to our existing patent. His team was very professional, submitted in a timely manor, and very engaging and respectful. He gave the time and attention to detail that was needed. He made our invention seem very important and valued. I would recommend Trojan Law Offices to all those needing guidance regarding their intellectual property and, by the way, we have already received our Notice Of Allowance on the second patent thanks to R. Joseph Trojan.
Many Thanks!”

Marlene T., Los Angeles

“We have worked with Trojan Law to assist with trademark applications and renewals for many years. We have always found them to be knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to work with. We highly recommend Trojan Law!”

Bevin G., Los Angeles

“Joe Trojan and his team went way beyond the call of duty on my Trademark issue. They have a wealth of knowledge and the know how to use it; which was most impressive. They are tenacious and thorough. Trojan Law Offices gets an A + in my opinion.”

Nina P., Los Angeles

“Trojan Law Offices has been managing all of the legalities pertaining to my business for almost 2 years, and has been integral and necessary to the growth of my business. I first met with Joseph Trojan in April 2015, after thinking of a brand new product idea that felt was necessary to protect. Joseph Trojan listened to my thoughts, provided discussion and education on the process of obtaining a utility patent, and has made himself as well as his team easily accessible ever since. Since the inception of my invention, I have been working directly with Adam Diament, and feel strongly that his exceptional knowledge of patent law is the reason why my product idea for a portable washing and drying apparatus has become a business that is ready to launch in the upcoming months. With the help of Adam Diament, I was able to secure a utility patent in record time. Adam Diament is extremely responsive to the multiplicity of questions that I ask on a regular basis, and always provides an in-depth explanation so I can understand the legal issues necessary for the growth of my business. I have thus far used the services of Trojan Law Offices to receive my initial utility patent, expand the claims of my utility patent, secure the perfect trademark for my company, and form an LLC. I plan on using the services offered by this firm on an ongoing basis.”

Niloufar G., Bel Air

I used Trojan Law offices for several patent searches recently and could not be happier.. Joe has been so professional, knowledgeable and made the process a breeze all while providing the best legal advice and helping me make the right decisions for my business.. I will  definitely use this law firm if I ever need additional legal work and will recommend them to anyone. I consistently was informed of where things were at in my case and Joe explained everything very patiently, even if I called and asked the same questions 🙂  Its hard to find honest hard working attorneys in my experience, but these guys are the real deal! Thank you for everything.

Ash J.

I had the pleasure of using Trojan Law Offices service to get my Medical Device Patent and two of my Trademarks approved. These are top-notch, knowledgeable lawyers who are very respected. As customer, I cannot be more satisfied! I highly recommend Trojan Law Offices!

Moustafa M.

Trojan law has been providing Trade Mark and Patent service for us for almost 8 years now. We have used them many times on lots of projects. Always professional, responsive and fair. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Smoke Buddy

Trojan Law has always offered great service. Michiko is always on top of things. It’s easy to communicate and get answers in a timely manner. Joe Trojan is very knowledgeable and gets us answers to all our questions. I recommend Trojan Law highly.

Sergio M.

“Trojan Law Offices has been our go to trademark and copyright law office and Mr. Joseph Trojan has helped us and represented us successfully over the last 5 years! very responsive and pleasant to work with!”

Arvin P.

Fight On! I got my patent! From day one Joe explained how the process works. At the end Joe had to appear in person before a Patent Trial and Appeal Board to argue and get my patent.


Oswaldo A., Westchester, CA