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Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or systems and methods, Trojan Law Offices in Los Angeles has the in-depth knowledge required to effectively protect your intellectual property in the biomedical science industry. Companies and investors benefit from our Los Angeles Medical Device Patent Attorneys’ remarkable combination of knowledge and experience, which encompasses legal acumen, scientific education, and litigation and trial expertise. As pharmaceuticals and biologics come off patent, we are uniquely positioned to address issues of bioequivalence and biosimilarity that often raise a number of issues when filing for patents.

Our registered Los Angeles patent attorneys have advanced degrees in biomedical sciences with experience in recombinant DNA technologies and in the patenting of a wide variety of drug therapies. With respect to medical devices, TLO®’s attorneys have a thorough understanding of engineering and biological sciences experience. They can skillfully interact with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to address the unique issues raised by the patenting of medical devices.

Keeping Pace with Technological Innovation

Below is a representative list of biomedical patents we have successfully handled through approval:

  • 11,371,037  Zinc-Charged Pancreatic Enzymes for Treatment of Cancer and Inflammation
  • 11,200,666 – Method for diagnosing, predicting, determining prognosis, monitoring, or staging disease based on vascularization patterns 
  • 10,967,025 – Herbal nutraceutical formulation to reduce oxidative stress, viral and microbial infections, and inflammation 
  • 10,803,693 – Pill dispenser for tapering dosage 
  • 10,806,689 – Cosmetic formulation 
  • 10,786,516 – Composition for curing migraine headaches 
  • 10,786,189 – Transdermal analyte sensing device 
  • 10,737,288 – Automatic spin coating system for developing blood films
  • 10,729,439 – Magnetic wound closure device and method of use 
  • 10,702,639 – Halter support device for use with lactation pump collection containers 
  • 10,645,953 – Use of zinc and copper gluconate in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 
  • 10,617,894 – Compositions for reducing inhalation of toxic air pollution components 
  • 10,485,810 – Composition for curing migraine headaches 
  • 10,203,304 – Gel electrophoresis and transfer combination using conductive polymers and method of use 
  • 10,166,212 – Oral use of zinc and copper gluconates in the treatment of digital dermatitis 
  • 9,983,168 – Gel electrophoresis and transfer combination using conductive polymers and method of use
  • 9,963,611 – Composition for use in decreasing the transmission of human pathogens 
  • 9,918,878 –  Device and method for removing earwax 
  • 9,775,850 – Composition and method for curing migraine headaches 
  • 9,753,008 – Gel electrophoresis and transfer combination using conductive polymers and method of use 
  • 9,702,851 – Gel electrophoresis and transfer combination using conductive polymers and method of use 
  • 9,693,776 –  Magnetic wound closure device and method of use 
  • 9,585,852 –  Agmatine containing dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and foods 
  • 9,486,217  –  Magnetic wound closure device and method of use 
  • 9,445,850 – Intramedullary nail, system, and method with dynamic compression
  • 9,439,723  – Variable Stiffness Catheter
  • 9,351,866  – Fluted Condom
  • 9,168,101   – Apparatus and method for sterilization and organization of a tamper resistant lock and receptacle 
  • 8,888,826 – Surgical device, system and method of use thereof 
  • 8,678,002 – Devices and methods for decreasing human pathogen transmission 
  • 8,568,338 – Device for improved external fetal monitoring  
  • 8,247,380 – Alpha 1-acid glycoprotein, alpha 2-HS glycoprotein, alpha 1-antitrypsin, and fragments thereof induce cancer cell apoptosis 
  • 7,887,856 – Composition for Treating Cancer Cells and Preparation Method for the Same
  • 7,866,320 Nasal Canula and Mouthpiece Assembly and Method
  • 7,238,662 – Alpha 2HS glycoprotein for treatment of cancer and a method for preparation thereof
  • 6,599,882 – Secretin and secretin pharmaceuticals for treating lactose intolerance
  • 6,352,729 – Plant extract that inhibits the release of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha)
  • 6,036,497 – Dynamic model of the DNA molecule
  • 6,638,232 – System and method for detecting and locating heart disease
  • 5,994,298 – Proteins for cancer cell specific induction of apoptosis and method for isolation thereof
  • 7,238,380 – Water containing soluble fiber
  • 5,527,506 – Method for enhancement of polyguanide based sanitizing system

Understanding the Biomedical Industry

Our involvement and support in industry organizations demonstrates our commitment to the biomedical industry. We are a member of the Southern California Biomedical Council, which represents and promotes the medical device and biotechnology industry in the greater Los Angeles area. We are also a past sponsor of the Medical Product Outsourcing Summit.

Recognizing our patent attorneys’ expertise, the media regularly calls on Trojan Law Offices to provide commentary on issues affecting the biomedical industry. Joseph Trojan regularly authors a column for Orthopedic Design & Technology magazine, devoted to addressing the specialized intellectual property needs of medical manufacturers. He has also been featured in Medical Product Outsourcing, Los Angeles Business Journal, Patent World and other industry trades. Mr. Trojan currently serves on the editorial board covering intellectual property topics for Los Angeles Lawyer, the official magazine of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

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Safeguarding your biomedical patents is the foundation of our business. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your biomedical patent needs, and to explain how our Los Angeles IP attorneys can help you protect your medical device patent. Contact Trojan Law Offices to schedule a consultation regarding patent protection of any drug or biomedical invention.