Los Angeles Licensing Agreement Lawyer

To discuss licensing agreements with an experienced Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer, contact Trojan Law Offices (TLO®) by phone or email.

Once a patent or trademark is obtained, many inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses hope to license those patents and trademarks for the marketplace. Licensing of patents and trademarks can be highly complex. Transferring ownership to other companies or individuals entails many possibilities that are best navigated with the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles Patents and Trademarks lawyer.

We often quote the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” when advising clients on the need to be cautious and conservative when drafting and formalizing licensing agreements.

TLO® does not locate potential licensees for our clients’ patents and trademarks. You do the legwork and make the necessary contacts. Once you have a buyer for a patent or trademark licensing agreement, you should consult with an experienced intellectual property attorney before drafting or formalizing an agreement.

Well-crafted licensing agreements may take up to nine months to negotiate and finalize. Others may be simpler, perhaps only six pages or so in length. Deft handling of licensing agreements requires a balanced understanding of business and law. An insightful lawyer is prepared to help clients avoid giving away too much flexibility in a licensing agreement. Our attorneys’ understanding of manufacturing and accounting enhances TLO®’s ability to truly protect the interests of licensers while facilitating a solid licensing agreement.

We take pride in providing licensing agreement services at reasonable rates. Our lawyers welcome the opportunity to discuss your intellectual property needs, and to explain how we can help you protect your ideas and inventions. Contact Trojan Law Offices to schedule a consultation with an IP attorney.