Congratulations to Woodham Biotechnology Holdings, LLC!

Congratulations to Woodham Biotechnology Holdings, LLC for receiving its second and most critical patent for its breakthrough technology involving protein electrophoresis. For decades, scientists have gone through a tedious two step process of first separating proteins, followed by protein blotting of the results of the first step. Gels used in the first step can fall apart or be damaged when they are removed from an electrophoresis machine, resulting in destruction of the sample. When the sample is destroyed, scientists must return to the time consuming preparation of new protein samples, which can be problematic when, for example, the original protein sample is very small and was isolated from a large volume of starting material or rare starting material that may be difficult to obtain. Dr. Woodham combined the two steps with an ingenious use of conductive polymers to permit the lateral transfer of the sample to the blotting material after the electrophoretic separation step has been completed, thereby eliminating the dangerous step of removing the gel in order to create the protein blot. This invention represents a large step forward in protein electrophoresis.