Los Angeles Intellectual Property Ownership Disputes Attorney

Intellectual property disputes sometimes arise over who invented a particular product. Under U.S. law, ownership is granted to the actual inventor, not the first party to file for a patent. Disputes over who has the right to patent an invention can be resolved with the help of a Los Angeles Intellectual Property Ownership Disputes Lawyer who understands the complexities of patent law.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced intellectual property attorney, contact Trojan Law Offices (TLO®) in Southern California. Our lawyers have tried cases involving intellectual property ownership disputes to juries. We have represented plaintiffs in cases involving business partners who disagreed on IP ownership when the business dissolved.

Whenever possible, our Los Angeles IP attorneys advise business owners to avoid litigation of disputes regarding intellectual property ownership and related complications. It is best that businesses address potential problems related to intellectual property ownership before disputes arise.

Our lawyers take pride in helping clients prevent, address, and resolve intellectual property ownership disputes at reasonable rates. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your intellectual property needs, and to explain how we can help you protect your ideas and inventions. Contact Trojan Law Offices to schedule a consultation with an IP attorney.