Los Angeles Intellectual Property Due Diligence Lawyer

Mergers and acquisitions often involve the transfer of intellectual property rights from the company acquired to a new parent company. In the process, the parent company can be held liable for any unlicensed or unauthorized use of trademarks, copyrights, or patents on the part of the company to be acquired. Additionally, it’s important for a parent company to know what the value of the acquired company’s intellectual property portfolio is and if anything in it needs patenting.

At the Trojan Law Offices, our talented Los Angeles Intellectual Property attorneys review intellectual property portfolios as part of the due diligence process involved in mergers and acquisitions. We review licensing agreements, patent applications, trademark registrations, and copyrights and take active steps to ensure your company avoids potential legal complications and unwanted litigation.

For more information regarding our due diligence review, contact intellectual property attorneys at the Trojan Law Offices today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Evaluating Intellectual Property

In general, there are three elements involved in reviewing an intellectual property portfolio in mergers and acquisitions:

  • Quality of intellectual property portfolio: does it contain meaningful patents that are important to the acquiring company’s business?
  • Evaluation of patents filed: if patent applications have been submitted for certain inventions, is it likely that the patents will be granted?
  • Patent search: do potential patents for inventions conflict with existing patents?

Avoiding Patent Infringement Litigation

While reviewing intellectual property is important for determining what, if anything, can or should be patented, avoiding accusations of patent or trademark infringement is also important. Our Los Angeles Patent attorneys review existing licensing agreements and franchising relationships that could be the source of potential infringement lawsuits later. We advise clients in how to amend or terminate licensing and franchising agreements in order to ensure their interests are protected in any future business relationships.

Contact Due Diligence Attorneys

Our office regularly works with venture capitalists, business owners, and entrepreneurs in performing due diligence regarding bio-medical, electronics, consumer products, and pharmaceutical intellectual property. Regardless whether you’re involved in a merger or need advice on a potential area for investment, we have the knowledge and resources needed to help you. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact our Los Angeles due diligence attorneys at the Trojan Law Offices today.